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The Vahinis, by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)

Vidya Vahini

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In the interactive file,å Table of contents links and links to glossary work.

Front matter
1. Higher learning
2. Knowledge of Self
3. Modern education
4. Removal of primal ignorance
5. Spiritual discipline
6. Spiritual preceptors
7. Culture of dharma
8. Loving service
9. Purity of thought, word, deed
10. Need for spirituality
11. Pathway to peace
12. Instruments of learning
13. Unity in diversity
14. Vedas, the authentic voice of God
15. Ego-less service
16. Compassion and cleanliness
17. Shun jealousy and hatred
18. Sense control
19. Love and brotherhood






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 Sathya Sai

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